Gracemead House, Woods Avenue, Hatfield, Herts AL10 8HX


Potential Kids is voluntary non-profit organisation based in Hatfield, aiming to help young people on the Autistic Spectrum or with ADHD, their siblings and families by providing social/activity groups.

We’ve recently been told we have to move out of our home – with six weeks notice and no replacement centre. PLEASE sign our petition to help us get more time or a new home!


We will offer after-school and weekend (term-time only) activity sessions for young people aged from 7-12 yrs. These will be kept small enough in numbers to reduce social anxieties and fears. The sessions will be designed to have plenty of space and freedom for the children to use their energy and have fun!

The group will be held in a safe and understanding environment, where our young people can be understood, accepted and have the opportunity of meeting others like themselves.

Our young people will have the time and space to enable them to learn and develop their social and communication skills, through play with other similar children. Most who attend will have limited opportunities to socialise, learn and have fun, as they may have been unable to join other mainstream clubs. We will provide an avenue for young people to reduce their social isolation, increase their self-esteem, whilst also building their self-confidence.

We will also give parents the opportunity to meet, relax, have a coffee and some downtime whilst their young people socialise, learn and play.

The sessions will be run by experienced/qualified CRB checked professionals, therapists, play leaders and supported by volunteers. We will start with bi-monthly FREE Saturday social sessions will include ‘minetest’ (run by Project 15). All sessions will need to be booked in advance as numbers are limited.

Potential Kids will also be offering small group workshop/therapy sessions for areas such as: Drama/Art/Music/Lego, which will need to be blocked booked.

Over time and depending on need these will be expanded.

About our Founder: This project has been set up by Angela Gaughan,  a mum to a child on the autistic spectrum, who realises that there is a real need for projects like this. She knows how hard it is to access activities for her son and wants to make a different by providing local support, which encourages and enables our young people to learn, grow and acheive.

She is very proud to have some amazing volunteers, professionals and contacts who are supporting her!